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deb3321 is pleased to present as its second exhibition the works from the attendees of the studio are participating in the first ever

Lincoln Heights Biennale. 

The Lincoln Heights Biennale  coin​cides with deb3321's one year anniversary since opening the studio's door to other artists.

Works in a variety of media primarily representational ranges from the sublime to the sensual painted portrait towards the remarkable gestural drawings of the quickly apprehended, photographs that infer the object though its signs, shadows and environment, and photographs that place the space.  

While the artists are mature, for most this is their first public exhibition--a true emerging celebrating their growth.  This exhibition also supports the mission of the studio, to create an artist controlled community--where artists place art where it belongs--under their vision and intelligence.

Artists include:   Erika Olden, Grace Umali, Shana Han, Ray Indolos,

Roger Stephenson, Rika Everett, Christine Haenen and more.  



The 2013 Lincoln Height Biennale opened April 27, 2013 and ran through June 11, 2013.​

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