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b&w Still-Life Drawing with Christine Haenen

Sundays10:30 am—1:30 pm / April 10, 17, 24.  May 1, 8, 15

Six-week course $180

At deb3321

deb3321 is hosting a 6-week still-life drawing course taught by classically trained European artist

Christine Haenen.  This class improves skills in visualizing three-dimensional space, expressing itin to a two-dimensional format.  Using the complex shapes found in still life and working in black and white using charcoal and pencil, students learn how to work with within the unique challenges each approach and media presents. 


This course goes into depth about the core techniques needed in any artist's practice. Christine will cover topics such as the fundamentals of volume, light logic, perspective, and composition.  The class will also go over how to describe objects with fluency involving line, shape, volume, and texture.  Students will progress from basic shapes to complex still-life and leave the class with a complete compositional piece. 


Experimentation and discussion is encouraged. 


Materials to Bring:


  • Pressed charcoal sticks (willow/vine preferred)

  • Compressed Charcoal – Both Black & White

  • Pencils/Graphite HB and 2B

  • Drawing Pad 18”x24” (Newsprint or Sketch Paper)

  • Kneaded Gum Eraser

  • Optional—Black or Colored 18”x24” Drawing Paper



About Christine Haenen

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Christine obtained her MFA equivalent degree at the Jan Van Eyck Academy of Fine Arts is Maastricht, specializing in Painting and Monumental Design.  She has made a name for herself as a portrait painter.  Throughout the years she has taught at community colleges and at her own studio. 


More about Christine at: and



Cost: $180.00. 


Students must commit to entire six-week course.  A minimum of eight students will be necessary for class to meet.  Affirmative RSVP's will not be taken, please pay and register for the class here.  If class is unable to meet with the required number of students, you will be promptly and fully reimbursed.



Schedule:  Sundays / 10:30 am - 1:30 pm / April  10, 17, 24.  May 1, 8, 15

Location:   deb3321 at 3321 Pasadena Ave. / LA / 90031 / email:


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